New York Sports Club

Project Overview

Kettle partnered with New York Sports Club to help them stay on top of their game and create a better, more personal experience for members. By collaborating on a fresh brand, website, app and in-gym spaces, we positioned New York Sports Clubs to deliver fitness that fits you, whoever you are.

From the logo to the UX or tone of voice, every aspect of NYSC’s new brand is designed to balance a sense of the contemporary and the accessible.

 An inspiring new look

We warmed NYSC’s signature red, added shades of a complimentary blue-gray, and used a neon for accents to create a friendly, cosmopolitan palette. Lettering with a combination of hard edges and soft corners conveys modernity and approachability.

New York Sports Club Color Palate

New York Sports Club Collateral

To give the brand a more consistent image both on and off the web, we also created a unique photography art direction that can be seen across all brand touch-points. Even the custom icons we crafted tap into the same mixture of sharp and soft lines as the new logo and typography.


New York Sports Club Photography

 A stronger, leaner website

It couldn’t be easier for users to become members, and for members to find whatever they’re looking for, from classes to locations—on any device. The site also helps NYSC know its members better, asking questions and tracking activity, so it can suggest classes, and routines that are right for them.

Launched October 20, 2016

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 An app to keep fitness at your fingertips

The SportsClubs app lets you take NYSC with you, wherever you are. Plan your workouts, set goals and sign up for classes before you even set foot in the gym. Enjoy check in straight from your phone, while browsing workout inspiration and tailored class suggestions, just for you.

Launched October 26, 2016

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New York Sports Club App1

 Toning up the gym interiors

We redesigned many of NYSC’s locations to bring its values to life in-gym. Simple, easy-to-navigate spaces welcome, motivate, and energize members—from the lighting to the construction materials, from the front desk to the locker room. We’ve even posted large inspirational messages to cheer members on as they pursue their fitness goals—and neighborhood-specific signage on every facade to showcase community-pride.

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New York Sports Club Interiors2
New York Sports Club Interiors3

New York Sports Club Interiors4 New York Sports Club Interiors5


The newly-designed web experience drove an immediate 137% increase in revenue, 63% increase in ecommerce conversion, and a 45% increase in average cart total–all within one month.

The iOS app gained 20k active users and a 75% increase in app download rate (people who view the product in the App Store and download) within that same month.


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