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Burger King: Chicken Redemption

For the Subservient Chicken’s 10 year anniversary, Code & Theory brought him back to launch the new Chicken Big King sandwich. We started by re-launching the original famous website from 2004, except the room was empty and fans were alerted that the chicken was gone. A mini-documentary was then launched on YouTube telling a tale of the highs and lows of what the chicken had gone through over the past 10 years. For one day, we let the chicken take over BK’s twitter account and sent personal replies and short videos to anyone who tweeted about the campaign.

National Highway Traffic Safety Association

From 2008 to 2012, 1,609 children ages eight to 14 died while traveling in passenger vehicles. A full 50 percent of them were unrestrained at the time of their death. NHTSA and Ad Council partnered up to create a new seatbelt safety PSA targeted at parents with tweens.

Dennys: Baconalia

A spoof informercial  to promote the celebration of Denny’s 2013 “Baconalia” Festival, created at Gotham Inc. The non-dishwasher safe, non-microwave safe plate was available for purchase and was used as a way to get people to interact with the brand on social for a chance to win one of your own!

American Express & Sam’s Club

At Digitas, worked with artist Jessie Bearden on three pre-roll videos, illustrating card members’ stories through food. The videos were a celebration of American Express’ new relationship with Sam’s Club.Sam’s Club products shine front and center, rescuing the day time and time again.


Sunglass Hut: 94 Shades of Summer

Summer is Sunglasshut’s biggest season (for obvious reasons), and from equinox to equinox there are many days to play away, 94, to be exact. This campaign follows Georgia May Jagger and her real life friends, the Richards sisters, as they make each day of summer count. In addition to a video launching the campaign, Gotham Inc. created enough content for social media and the web, to give consumers something new to experience each day of summer.


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